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Terms of Use

I understand that this program is intended as an informational course only and that nothing in this program is meant as medical advice or treatment.  I agree that all changes to medications, supplements, and lifestyle will be cleared with my doctor before starting.

I understand that this is a self guided program with weekly Q&A recordings that I can learn from.  I confirm that I have a provider who is willing to work with me to address any medical concerns and treatment.  I understand that as a self guided program, consultations with the Migraine Mastery coaching team is separate and not included in this course.  

I understand I do not have access to any groups moderated by Dr. Paynter and her team outside of those she extends to non-customers/the general public.  

I release Dr. Tanya Paynter and Psalm Medical from all liability and responsibility pertaining to my participation in this program and assume full responsibility for consulting with my doctor before implementing any changes to my current treatment.   

I understand that given the informational nature of the Migraine Mastery Food as Medicine program, there are no refunds provided once I have submitted payment.  I understand that once I do submit payment, I have 24 hours to request a refund but that there is a 10% processing fee (this 10% fee is to cover non-refundable transaction charges from a 3rd party).  I acknowledge that this means the maximum refund I can receive within 24 hours of payment submission is $269.00.

I understand that if I choose to purchase the Cyrex Array 14 testing, there are no refunds available as those funds are sent directly to the lab.  Any issues that arise relating to the lab or lab kit, processing of the lab sample, or questions relating to providing a lab sample should be directed to the Cyrex lab directly and that Migraine Mastery will not act as a go between between me and the lab.  Interpretation of the lab results are left to my doctor.

I also understand there is no guarantee that I will see results after following this program and that results are entirely dependent on my level of involvement and how I apply this information to my situation.  

The information in this program is considered Intellectual Property and is subject to copyright laws.  I agree to not disclose, copy, share, or distribute in any way, including electronically, verbally, or on paper, any of the information I receive as part of this program to any other individual, apart from any medical professionals I am currently a patient of, without the express written permission of Dr. Tanya Paynter, CEO of Psalm Medical.

I have read and agree to the above terms and conditions.

Migraine Mastery: Food as Medicine

What you'll get:

  • Unlimited access to the full 4-week course
  • Weekly material you can print out to help you walk through each step 
  • Weekly recorded lessons with our Expert  Migraine Mastery Nutritionist, Josette Herdell
  • A 4 week meal plan complete with recipes and snacks
  • Guidance on how to adjust the basic anti-inflammatory to your specific nutritional needs to help your body begin healing
  • An understanding on what nutrients are important in migraines and what foods you should be emphasizing to ensure you're getting those nutrients 
  • Access to the comprehensive Cyrex Array 14 testing (available only by physician order)**
  • Access to exclusive Migraine Mastery material as a weekly bonus


** The Cyrex Array 14 is a functional test evaluating your GI health, immune function, and includes a basic food sensitivity panel to help guide your medical decision making.  Normal pricing for this test is $599 and is only available through a naturopathic or functional medicine doctor.  It is not necessary to purchase this additional testing to fully participate in this course.