Hi!  I'm Dr. Tanya Paynter

(also known as Dr. P)

Looking for someone who is as interested in figuring out what's causing your migraines as you are?  Then you're in the right place.


Feeling lost?


I know what that's like.  I suffered from daily headaches and migraines for over a decade.

My doctors just wanted to give me medications.  But I was tired of feeling like I was a walking medicine cabinet.

What I REALLY wanted was someone to tell me what was wrong with my body and, more importantly, help me FIX it!  Does this sound familiar? 

Well I'm living proof that there's hope.  I've been migraine free for over 7 years now. 

The bad news?  It required me to go to medical school to figure things out.  The good news?  YOU don't have to do that!  Because we already have a process that works to identify and treat the biochemical imbalances at play in your migraines. 

All you need to do is let us know how we can help.

If you'd like to learn more about my story, you can click here.  But first, I'd like to introduce you to the Migraine Mastery Team.  Scroll down to read more about them.


CEO of Psalm Medical and Founder of Migraine Mastery, Dr. Tanya Paynter is a naturopathic doctor and migraine specialist.  She graduated from the University of Washington with her Bachelor of Science in Cellular and Molecular Biology and a minor in Inorganic Chemistry. She attended Bastyr University and received her naturopathic medical degree in 2012.  She has been treating chronically ill patients, specializing in migraines, for almost a decade and has helped hundreds of women find the joy in their lives again by helping them understand their migraines and learn how to gain control of them. 

In 2019, Dr. Paynter, a dedicated Christian, felt a call to leave her successful clinical practice in order to bring her migraine treatment to a larger population.  She developed Migraine Mastery to help women who felt lost and without guidance in their migraine journey.  She understands how lonely a chronic, "invisible" illness can be and feels that no one should ever be left to battle that alone.

Dr. Paynter has been working with clients strictly online for the past two years and has a very high success rate in reducing her clients' migraine frequency and intensity with the 3 step plan outlined in the Migraine Mastery Method, even when they have failed every medication and have found no other alternative treatments that have worked.

When she's not obsessively researching the latest migraine studies, Dr. Paynter spends her free time with her two young children, her husband, and her puppy dog.


As a second generation naturopath, Dr. Madison believes it is her God-given calling to provide care to women that have not been able to find relief elsewhere in the medical world. She is a native of Seattle, WA with an undergraduate degree, with honors, from the University of Washington and a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine from Bastyr University. Her formal education is an extension of the critical and “outside the box” thinking that was encouraged in her childhood by parents that were both professional educators and alternative medicine professionals.  

Dr. Madison has had the honor of completing an extended period of mentorship and residency with internationally renowned naturopathic physician Dr. Paul Anderson. Her training and clinical experience has focused on integrative neurology, endocrinology, genetic test interpretation, and chronic illness, which has led to a passion for and specialization in the treatment of migraines and balancing female hormone dysfunction.  

Above all, Dr. Madison believes in the therapeutic power of her client interactions, and constantly strives to provide each client with complete and individualized care.

When not caring for her clients, Dr. Madison can be found getting into trouble with her young son Cooper and husband Chris. She loves children, eating, cooking, traveling, science, being outside, church, learning, talking, art, sports, and anything else fun that allows her time with friends and family.

Josette Herdell is our Migraine Mastery Nutritionist.  She received her Master of Science in Functional Medicine and Human Nutrition from the University of Western States and trained under Dr. Kara Fitzgerald ND. As a board-certified Nutrition Specialist, Licensed Dietetic Nutritionist, and Health & Wellness Coach, she is dedicated to working with children, families, and individuals in order to prevent and reverse migraines, as well as share her family’s story of healing three generations of chronic migraines. As a fellow migraineur herself, Josette brings a compassionate understanding of chronic pain to guide her functional nutrition approach while working with clients.


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