Meet Your Migraine Expert

The Migraine Mastery Masterclass  



Discover the 3-Step approach to Controlling Migraines - WITHOUT medications.


Discover the freedom a life without migraines can bring

(And yes, it can happen for YOU too!)

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In This Training, I'll Share...

  • What 15 years of daily headaches, recurrent migraines, and ongoing depression taught me about migraines... and what I did to finally overcome them
  • Why simply avoiding triggers just isn't enough and what my patients do instead to actually get results
  • The surprising reason women with migraines can't always nail down their food triggers (hint: it isn't actually the food)
  • How to become a “migraine detective” and decipher the clues that even most doctors miss (understanding migraine patterns is the key to successful treatment)
  • ​Why the current model of treating migraines with medications is ineffective for so many women and how my patients are seeing results when no other treatment has worked
  • ​How to achieve effective migraine control using a simple 3 step method, even if there's a long personal or family history
  • Why I help my patients control their migraines, move beyond “just surviving”, and get back to doing what they love 
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