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Migraine Mastery:  Food As Medicine  


The 4-Week Course to Help You Discover How to Eat Right For Your Migraine Body


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Ever wondered which of the plethora of "Migraine Diets" you should be following?  

Low Histamine...
Low Tyramine...
Grain Free...
Heal Your Headache...
Low Oxalate...

It's just too much!


What to eat and what diets to follow are the most common question we get.  That's why we are introducing our first ever Migraine Mastery - Food as Medicine Course.

In this 4 week course, you'll discover how to:

  • Identify the foods you should minimize and the foods you should maximize to help with healing
  • Swap out foods instead of eliminating them, leaving you with a larger range of options than you started with
  • Stimulate your appetite when you just don't have one (which is a very common issue with migraines...)
  • Determine which migraine diet is right for you, starting with a Foundational Migraine Healing Diet and tailoring it to your individual needs 
  • Heal your gut, a vital and often missing part of the migraine healing process

There is no other course that approaches Diet for Migraines in this way.  We utilize the latest migraine research to bring you the most up-to-date information on diet, gut health, and migraine.

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What Will We Be Covering In This 4 Week Course?


To develop the Migraine Mastery - Food as Medicine course, we took the most common questions we get around diet, nutrition, and migraines and created an easy to follow 4 week course to help you uncover the right diet for YOUR migraine body, and how to know what foods to eat to actually help you heal.  

In this course, we'll be covering topics like:

What's Included?

Each week, you'll get a workbook addressing the topics for that week.  

Along with the work book, you'll have access to the lesson associated with each section to walk you through the information and help you understand and implement the steps.  

Plus, you also get access to exclusive Migraine Mastery lessons reviewing topics such as:

  • our client list of migraine friendly recipes
  • the key ingredients to proper hydration (and it isn't water!)
  • how to approach hormonal migraines
  • and more!


And as an added bonus, you can also choose to add on comprehensive functional testing called the Cyrex Array 14 to investigate your immune function, gut health, and food sensitivities as they pertain to your migraines (it's called the Cyrex Array 14 test and can give you a wealth of information to help you with your medical decision making).  

This test is not necessary to participate in this course but is a good bonus option to add on if you've ever been curious about how those aspects of your health could be affecting your migraines!

Learn more about the Cyrex Array 14 test here.

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On Demand

  • Weekly Workbooks To Walk You Through the Dietary Changes
  • Weekly Lessons with our Migraine Nutrition Expert
  • Ability to order the Cyrex Array 14 test (only available through a physician order)
  • Access to exclusive Migraine Mastery material as a weekly bonus

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