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Say "No" to Migraines and "Yes" to Life

Address the imbalances causing your migraines with Migraine Mastery's 12-week, drug free approach to healing. 

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✔️ Experience Fewer Migraines

✔️ Use Less Medication

✔️ Get Your Life Back

Are migraines controlling your life?

You know there's something wrong but you can't find the relief you need.

With 10 or more migraines a month, you're stuck feeling:

  • Afraid that a migraine will force you to cancel plans.  Again.
  • Hopeless because you've already tried every. single. treatment and nothing has worked.
  • Guilty that you're a burden to the people you love.

You CAN get your life back.

Don't let migraines ruin another day.

When you have migraine free days, you can say "Yes!"

  • "Yes!" to attending your kid's recital.
  • "Yes!" to going to lunch with a friend.
  • "Yes!" to that project at work. 
  • "Yes!" to volunteering for that church event.
  • "Yes!" to a date with your husband. 


Start healing with Migraine Mastery.
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In the last six months, the women who have completed our 1:1 Coaching Program have reduced their migraine days by 86%!  Our most recent clients are experiencing a 91% reduction in migraine days.


What could you do with 91% of your life back? 

Choose from Two Proven Programs to Reduce your Migraines

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Utilizing the support of your doctor, you have access to:

  • A 3 Phase, 12 Week Step-by-Step Approach
  • Weekly Action Tasks to Keep You Moving Forward
  • 15 Bonus Modules Addressing Possible Problem Areas
  • Monthly Q&A recordings w/ Dr. P to Address Your Questions
  • Over 50 Done-For-You Protocols to Support Your Healing
  • Comprehensive Neurotransmitter, Hormone, and Adrenal Testing
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Everything Found in the Foundations Program, PLUS:

  • Support with Lab Interpretation and Evaluation
  • Daily Access to Your Team of Migraine Experts
  • Exclusive Facebook Support Group
  • Weekly Live Q&A Calls with Each of Our Specialists
  • 1:1 Sessions Available with All of the Migraine Mastery Coaches
  • Individualized Guidance and Support to Ensure You're Focusing on the Right Things
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"I was having 20+ migraine/headache days a month. This month, I've only had 3!"

And other forms of success from Migraine Mastery participants:

"All I have to say is that I have learned more from your group than all the doctors combined that I have seen over the last 40 years of migraines. You have really changed our lives. Thank you so much."

Migraine Mastery 1:1 Coaching Program

"Woohoo! I made it through the month of February with ONLY 2 migraines/headaches!!! I started the program with 20ish per month 4 months ago. This is amazing! "

Migraine Mastery 1:1 Coaching Program

"You'll love this group and Dr. P! She's the first doctor who has taken the time to help me dig deeper, figure out how my body is working, and target areas that need support and healing. It's an excellent program."

Migraine Mastery 1:1 Program

"How about that 😁🌈💙🥳 250 days since my last migraine! 💖😘👍"

Migraine Mastery 1:1 Coaching Alumni

"I just wanted to thank Dr. P for everything she is doing. I have been listening to migraine word summit interviews and a lot of what is talked about there is part of the Migraine Mastery program. I am at 3 migraines a month vs 12 to 15 (sometimes more) a month. I am very grateful that I found Dr. P."

Migraine Mastery 1:1 Coaching Program

"The level of care here is really hard to find elsewhere. It is so INCREDIBLE to feel this good! I can't remember feeling good in my life! So greatful for this program. It's life changing!"

Migraine Mastery 1:1 Coaching Alumni

"I have had chronic migraines for over 20 years and it has been very frustrating at times. I had tried countless other "natural" methods as well as many medications, other diets, and have spent so much money and seen so many other people to try and help me over the past 2 decades and nothing ever seemed to scratch the surface. I am feeling so much better following Dr. P's program than I have EVER felt before in over 20 years of trying to address my chronic migraines. I never though tit was possible for someone like me to have this long of a stretch of feeling this good. I'm completely amazed and grateful for her and this program."

Jennifer W.
Migraine Mastery 1:1 Coaching Program

"I started Dr. P's program Sept 2020. I was skeptical. So skeptical! I have NOT been an easy patient for her and have threatened to give up multiple times. Every single time, Dr. P talked with me, told me how she dealt with the same feelings. Never have I ever had a doctor tell me it is ok to feel this way. It's now April and I am sleeping without any medicine now and never, ever thought that was possible! I am a happier, more pleasant person. Thank you so much Tanya Paynter, ND for caring about each and every one of us and for sharing your knowledge and own experiences."

Suz Anne
Migraine Mastery 1:1 Program Alumni

Ready to Stop Suffering?

Here's how you can experience fewer days ruined by migraines:

1. Meet your Migraine Expert

During your free consultation, we’ll discuss your situation, identify some potential underlying issues, and determine if our approach is a good fit for you.

2. Enroll in the program that’s right for you

We will help you discover what imbalances are causing your migraines and exactly what you need to do to heal.

3. Enjoy your life without constant migraines

Although it may sound too good to be true, it is possible to live a life not controlled by your migraines.

Watch Our Free Masterclass:

3 Steps to Migraine Mastery

"I struggled with migraines my entire life. I was skeptical because I had tried everything and nothing worked. After going through the program, I am virtually migraine free!!!"
– Wanda



We get it.  You've got doubts.

You’ve heard all about (and probably tried) the cream that your friend swears by, the gadget your daughter saw on TikTok, the expensive prescription that your doctor recommended... but none of the migraine remedies you’ve tried have given you the relief you need.



At Migraine Mastery, we don’t want to treat your symptoms, we want to find the cause.

We look at your body as a whole — your medical history, lifestyle, lab work, and symptoms — to identify possible imbalances that may be triggering your migraines. Then, we help you learn how to begin healing. Our entire team will support you every step of the way.

Don’t miss out on another family beach day while you are imprisoned by pain in your black-out curtained room. Get migraine help so that you can start saying yes to life again.


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Migraine Mastery is designed for women like you -

women who refuse to give up on themselves and the life they want.

“I am looking at apartments and am out of my parents house! I’ve been “stuck” with my parents for a while now because the migraines were so debilitating. Now, I am functioning at a level where I can work full time and manage daily adulting tasks.  I finally feel like I can be independent!”

– Liana K.

I’ve learned so much about myself and my migraines so I can now manage them successfully. If it wasn’t for this program, I’d still be in pain every single day.

- Tiffany



I remember sitting in the school office when I was in kindergarten with a migraine. I’m now 50 years old. I struggled with migraines my entire life and, like you, was skeptical because I had tried everything and nothing worked. After going through the program, I can say I am virtually migraine free!!

- Wendy

Looking for support on a diet for migraines without committing to an intensive program just yet?

Check out our brand new course, Migraine Mastery - Food as Medicine. Enrollment is Now Open.

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Ready to heal your body and get your life back?

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Constant migraines force you to say “no” to the things you love. Migraine Mastery’s integrative program addresses the imbalances causing your migraines so you can experience healing and start saying “yes” again.

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