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Gain freedom from migraines - starting TODAY!

Find healing with the Migraine Mastery integrative approach that’s right for you.

✔️  Identify Underlying Imbalances Contributing to Your Migraines
✔️  Learn Science Based Tools to Begin Healing
✔️  Be Supported By a Team of Migraine Experts 

Master Your Migraine

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This is the starting point for all of our patients.  If you have 10 or more migraine days a month, this course provides the information and tools you’ll need to dramatically reduce your migraines.

This 24-week program will help you understand the imbalances that contribute to your migraines and address them with our 3 Phase, Research Based Process.





** Hyperlinks listed under each Phase will take you to a research study supporting why we address that particular issue for a whole body approach to migraine management.  Additional studies on each topic are available.



Each self-paced video/audio lesson gives you valuable information and action steps to begin healing.  You'll be addressing things like nutrition for migraine, hormones, neurotransmitter imbalance, genetic dysfunction, detoxification, and more (and look - you actually get to eat stuff that looks and tastes yummy!!!).

Although this is a self-paced program, you won’t be left to figure out your migraines alone. You will continue to partner closely with your local doctor or care team. You will also receive support from our team via weekly Q&As to ensure your questions are answered and you and your provider are clear on each step as you move forward through the program (to start April 2024).  

You can join this course right now and get immediate access to all the week-one material.

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It is possible to reduce and control migraines.

Master Your Migraines

12 Week Step-by-Step Program Utilizing Our 3 Phase Approach



Self Paced Audio/Video Lessons Addressing:

Diet and Gut Health / Adrenals and Stress / Hormones / Detoxification and Cell Support / Genetics / Body Mechanics (Structure) / Neurotransmitters / Emotional-Spiritual







Weekly Action Tasks:  

Specific actions to move you towards healing. See an Example Here.




Detailed Protocols to Overcome Common Imbalances




On-demand Migraine specific Yoga, Meditation, and PT Exercises




Additional Resource Center: 15 deep-dive modules to enhance understanding of your particular imbalances




Unlimited access to all Foundations Content and the Resource Center
             For 6 Months



Weekly Recorded Q&A Calls (Starting April 2024)




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Not sure if our program is right for you?

Schedule a call, and we can help you determine the best approach for your migraines.

Meet Your Migraine Expert

I remember sitting in the school office when I was in kindergarten with a migraine. I’m now 50 years old. I struggled with migraines my entire life and have tried everything and nothing worked. After going through the program, I am virtually migraine free!! This is the best money I’ve spent on myself…ever.

-  Wendy

Over a hundred women have experienced Migraine Mastery.

Here's what their lives looks like after working with us for six months:


Medication is More Effective (but they need less of it)

Less Intense Pain and Neurological symptoms

91% Reduction of Migraines (on average)

No Longer Having to Cancel Plans

More Opportunities to Say "YES" to Life!
Meet Your Migraine Expert

3 Simple Steps To Start Healing

Here’s how you can have more opportunities to say “yes” to life too:

1. Meet Your Migraine Expert

During your free consultation, we’ll discuss your situation, identify some potential underlying issues, and determine if our approach is a good fit for you and, if so, what level of support you need to see results.

2. Enroll in the Program That's Right For You 

We will help you discover what imbalances are causing your migraines and exactly what you need to do to heal.

3. Enjoy Your Life Without Constant Migraines 

Although it may sound too good to be true, it is possible to live a life not controlled by your migraines.

Meet Your Migraine Expert

“I am looking at apartments and am planning to move out of my parents house! I’ve been “stuck” with my parents for a while now because the migraines were so debilitating.  Now, I am functioning at a level where I can work full time and manage daily adulting tasks. I finally feel like I can be independent!

- Liana K.

Ready to heal your body and get your life back?

Meet Your Migraine Expert

Constant migraines force you to say “no” to the things you love. Migraine Mastery’s integrative program addresses the imbalances causing your migraines so you can experience healing and start saying “yes” again.


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